"What Her Hair Do?"

Welcome to the "What Her Hair Do?" page, an exciting icebreaker segment featured on Virtuous Optimist. This segment is produced by Channtanza, also known as Chazz, who is dedicated to creating a fun and engaging experience for guests.

"What Her Hair Do?" is a segment designed to break the ice and create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for guests. Chazz will throw out some hairstyles, and the guests will have to tell us the first thing that comes to their mind. During this segment you get to know more about the guests and their unique personalities through their responses.

At Virtuous Optimist we believe that hair is an essential part of a person's identity, and it can say a lot about their personality. The segment explores different hairstyles, from elegant up-dos to casual ponytails, and from classic bobs to unique and creative styles. As a viewer, you can expect to be entertained and learn something new about different hairstyles and their meanings.

Our producer, Chazz, is committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all guests. The guests are encouraged to share their honest opinions about the hairstyles mentioned, no matter how wild or unusual they might be.

Join us on Virtuous Optimist to learn more about the segment, our producer, and the fantastic guests we have on the show.


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