Have you been yearning to be uplifted and encouraged, while listening to and learning about some of the most influential musicians? If so, then you are in the right place! Virtuous Optimist introduces listeners to timeless tunes dated as far back as the 1950’s to around the early 1990’s. These soothing sounds have greatly influenced the type of music we enjoy today.

Virtuous Optimist strives to be a positive platform where we can all be inspired towards our true purpose. As we share with you, we hope you will also share with us, as well as with others. As our faithful listeners, we encourage you to share your thoughts, your knowledge, and your wisdom. But, ultimately we want you to share your favorite tunes. Let’s learn and grow together as we gain a greater appreciation for music!

We believe in supporting our very talented local artists and their passion to impact the world in a positive way through their musical gift. We pride ourselves in our distinctive ability to spot greatness in art of music; and our desire to share this greatness with others.

We are very excited and grateful for the opportunity to break bread with you! We are blessed to have been chosen to sow seeds into your souls. It is our prayer that our platform will provide you with a greater sense of inner peace. So again, if you are looking for a positive environment in which to develop a deeper spiritual connection to music, your search is over…you have found all of that and more with Virtuous Optimist!

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6 of 6 Items