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"The Vent Sesh..." Tune Samples

All tunes sampled and inspired by "The Vent Sesh with Maya Rai'Jean" on Virtuous Optimist Podcast

Southern Soul Vol 2 

Joey Gilmore leads the way to your Friday wind down, Saturday swing out and Sunday soul music. You can hear electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, organs, drums and can’t forget about the horn section. Raw brass. Analog to digital

Yaya Dookie List

The best of Oakland Rapper Kamaiyah

Comeback Tunes 5

Tunes I had to come back and listen to. Like “Ouuuuu, run that back!”. You know the drill, if you hear something you dig, add it to your library. This playlist is updated regularly.

Southern Soul Vol 1 

Southern Soul aka Downhome soul originated in the late 1950’s from a combination of styles including blues, country, early rock n roll & strong gospel. This is the kind of music you FEEL & GROOVE to but the lyrics are really catchy.  

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6 of 6 Items