A definite vibe!

This podcast has got SO much jam packed in it. On top of listening and learning about some heavy hitting and of course soulful music and the artists behind the bars, the production quality is top notch. The editing is seamless and flawless. I have already discovered several artists that will be getting some attention and time and it wouldn’t have happened if i didn’t hear it on the Virtuous Optimist platform first. keep them coming Virtuous Optimist!


Vibes Unmatched

The host is immaculate. Her ability to make conversations flow and the overwhelming positive energy she exudes captivates me as a listener instantly. I love the “show yo naked skill freestyles “!!!! The different beats she has the artist rap over is bananas !!! Throughly enjoy !!!! I def recommend subscribing so you can get yo life !!!!

Tamara tilthebreakof Dawn, 08/06/2020

Love this show!

The “Son Little” episode was soooo was the vibe I didn’t even know I needed. I love how positive and cheery the host seems, and there was such a beautiful balance as they fluctuated between his music and their conversation. Definitely suggest that you subscribe and listen!



Super pretty pants and very nice service ❤️

20 days ago


Shipped it out super fast! My dress is absolutely beautiful thank you so much!!!!

27 days ago


perfect! thank you so much! :)

28 days ago


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